BIGSOUND has ended

Adam Lewis

Co-Owner of The Planetary Group

Spearheading an artist development and promotions firm based out of Boston and LA that focuses on helping new and upcoming artists be heard and discovered, over the past year or so Adam has worked with such acts as The Decemberists, Bloc Party, Peter, Bjorn & John, Apples In Stereo, Kings Of Leon, The Jezebels and The Lemonheads. In addition Adam also currently handles all publicity, promotion and media buying for Great Northeast Productions. Great Northeast is responsible for producing 50 shows a year throughout New England, including Phish's millennium concert in Florida and the annual Snoe.down Festival at Lake Placid. Prior to Planetary, Adam was the Northeast Sales and Promotion Manager for TVT Records, working with Sevendust, Guided By Voices, The Black Crowes and Snoop Dogg. Adam’s latest projects are spearheading tours to China, India, and Singapore for Independent artists. Adam is always looking for great new bands.